Tom Rosendahl

Tom Rosendahl is associate professor in market communication at BI Norwegian Business School, Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour. He holds a PhD degree from the Department of Business Administration, School of Business, Gothenburg University, Sweden. His professional interests include marketing communication, cross-cultural communication, project communication, change management, and understanding the development in Integrated Operations. He has published widely and is the author/editor of 14 books, His latest books are entitled “Marketing in a Cross Disciplinary Perspective” (2008) and “Project Communication” (2010).


Integrated Operations in the Oil and Gas Industry: Sustainability and Capability Development
Tom Rosendahl, Vidar Hepsø. © 2013. 457 pages.
The predicted “ICT revolution” has gained increasing attention in the oil industry the last few years. It is enabled by the use of ubiquitous real time data, collaborative...
How to Implement Multidisciplinary Work Processes in the Oil Industry: A Statoil Case
Tom Rosendahl, Asbjørn Egir, Erik Rolland. © 2013. 16 pages.
This chapter explores possibilities for using Concurrent Design at Statoil, seeking to understand how they should proceed in implementing this kind of work, and consider...
Integrated Operations from a Change Management Perspective
Tom Rosendahl, Asbjørn Egir, Lars Kristian Due-Sørensen, Hans Jørgen Ulsund. © 2013. 19 pages.
The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that have been prominent in driving or restraining the implementation of Integrated Operations (IO) within the Norwegian...