Veljko Milutinović

Veljko MilutinovićVeljko Milutinovic is a Dr. Professor at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, Serbia. During the ‘80s, for about a decade, he was on the faculty of Purdue University in the USA, where he co-authored the architecture and design of the world's first DARPA GaAs microprocessor. During the ‘90s, after returning to Serbia, he took part in teaching and research at a number of major EU schools. He also delivered lectures at Stanford and MIT and has about 20 books published by leading publishers in the USA. He is on the Scientific Advisory Boards (SAB) of Maxeler Supercomputing, London, England, and Technology Connect of Boston, USA. Dr. Milutinovic is a Fellow of the IEEE and a Member of Academia Europaea.


Implementation of Machine Learning Algorithms Using Control-Flow and Dataflow Paradigms
Veljko Milutinović, Nenad Mitić, Aleksandar Kartelj, Miloš Kotlar. © 2022. 296 pages.
Based on current literature and cutting-edge advances in the machine learning field, there are four algorithms whose usage in new application domains must be explored: neural...
Handbook of Research on Methodologies and Applications of Supercomputing
Veljko Milutinović, Miloš Kotlar. © 2021. 393 pages.
As computers continue to remain essential tools for the pursuit of physics, medicine, economics, social sciences, and more, supercomputers are proving that they can further...
An Experimental Healthcare System: Essence and Challenges
Miroslav M. Bojović, Veljko Milutinović, Dragan Bojić, Nenad Korolija. © 2021. 8 pages.
Contemporary healthcare systems face growing demand for their services, rising costs, and a workforce. Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform how care is...
The Ultimate Data Flow for Ultimate Super Computers-on-a-Chip
Veljko Milutinović, Miloš Kotlar, Ivan Ratković, Nenad Korolija, Miljan Djordjevic, Kristy Yoshimoto, Mateo Valero. © 2021. 7 pages.
This chapter starts from the assumption that near future 100BTransistor SuperComputers-on-a-Chip will include N big multi-core processors, 1000N small many-core processors, a...
Handbook of Research on High Performance and Cloud Computing in Scientific Research and Education
Marijana Despotović-Zrakić, Veljko Milutinović, Aleksandar Belić. © 2014. 476 pages.
As information systems used for research and educational purposes have become more complex, there has been an increase in the need for new computing architecture. High...
Exploiting Spatial and Temporal Patterns in a High-Performance CPU
Goran Rakočević, Veljko Milutinović. © 2014. 14 pages.
In modern computer systems, the effect known as the memory gap has become a serious bottleneck. It is becoming increasingly difficult to bridge this gap with traditional...