Vijaya Kittu Manda

Vijaya Kittu Manda is a multi-dimensional personality with nearly 13+ years of experience in capital markets, financial planning, and investing. He is an Academician and a Researcher. He has 11 University Postgraduate Degrees in different subjects. He is a Ph.D. in Management. His thesis on Mutual Funds won the NSE-IEA Best Thesis Award. He is pursuing his second Ph.D. in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Science and its impact on stock markets. He is also pursuing his Masters in Renewable Energy and Environment. He is a Clarivate Web of Science Certified Peer Reviewer and a Certified Peer Review Supervisor. He reviews research papers, book chapters, conference papers, and academic books. He guides students and researchers, authored several research papers and case studies and two books. He is a resource person for various conferences and serves as guest faculty on capital markets, and on technologies such as AI and Blockchain.


Customer Experience in the Web 3.0 Era: The Meeting of Blockchain and the Metaverse
Lubza Nihar Khaliq, Vijaya Kittu Manda. © 2024. 17 pages.
Modern disruption technologies such as the Blockchain and the Metaverse have promising features that can help businesses offer their products and services to customers in a...
Corporate Governance Failure and the Regulatory Fight Against It: An Examination of Select Instances From India
Vijaya Kittu Manda, Lubza Nihar Khaliq. © 2024. 31 pages.
India has recently witnessed several allegations of corporate governance lapses and failure. The alarming situation prompted the government and the regulators to take serious...
Revolutionizing Finance With Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
Vijaya Kittu Manda, Arnold Mashud Abukari, Vivek Gupta, Madavarapu Jhansi Bharathi. © 2024. 24 pages.
Decentralized finance is an innovative use of blockchain technology in financial services. Because of its transparency and lack of intermediaries, it brings several advantages to...
Building Blocks, Opportunities, and Challenges of Metaverse in Web 3.0
Vijaya Kittu Manda. © 2024. 21 pages.
The Metaverse is an immersive virtual world facilitated by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). It is a backbone technology for Web 3 in which users interact using...
Research and Applications of Neurotechnologies for Leadership
Sowdamini Thatta, Vijaya Kittu Manda, Vidya S. Athota. © 2024. 27 pages.
Neuroleadership has emerged as a field combining neuroscience and leadership. It has gained increasing attention recently, attracting interest from academics, researchers, and...
Blockchain in Advertising and Marketing: Revolutionizing the Industry Through Transparency and Trust
Vijaya Kittu Manda, Srikantalahari Sagi, Anuradha Yadav. © 2024. 24 pages.
Blockchain technology can potentially bring several positive changes in the marketing and advertising domain. This chapter explains the core features and advantages that the...
Lessons From the FTX Cryptocurrency Exchange Collapse
Vijaya Kittu Manda, Lubza K. Nihar. © 2023. 18 pages.
Governments and market regulators are debating and deliberating on matters of concern and benefits of treating cryptocurrencies as an asset or a currency so that they can tax...