Xiao-Li Li

Xiao-Li Li is currently a principal investigator in the Data Mining Department at the Institute for Infocomm Research, A*Star. He also holds an appointment of adjunct assistant professor in SCE, NTU. Xiao-Li received his PhD degree in computer science from Chinese Academy of Sciences (2001) and was then with National University of Singapore (School of Computing/Singapore-MIT Alliance) as a research fellow from 2001 to 2004. His research interests include bioinformatics, data mining, and machine learning. He has been serving as a member of technical program committees in numerous bioinformatics (a book editor for Biological Data Mining in Protein Interaction Networks, PC members for IEEE BIBE, IEEE BIBM, etc.), data mining (including a PC member in leading data mining conference KDD, CIKM, and SDM), and machine learning related conferences (a session chair of PKDD/ECML). He has also served as an editorial board member for International Journal of Data Analysis Techniques and Strategies (IJDATS), Journal of Information Technology Research (JITR) and other IGI Global editorial advisory review boards. In 2005, he received best paper award in the 16th International Conference on genome informatics (GIW 2005). In 2008, he received the best poster award in the 12th Annual International Conference Research in computational molecular biology (RECOMB 2008). To learn more about Dr. Xiao-Li Li, please visit his Web page: http://www1.i2r.a-star.edu.sg/~xlli/.


Computational Knowledge Discovery for Bioinformatics Research
Xiao-Li Li, See-Kiong Ng. © 2012. 463 pages.
Biological and clinical studies provide valuable insight into the causes and potential cures of disease. Using statistics and data mining and other computational approaches...
Biological Data Mining in Protein Interaction Networks
Xiao-Li Li, See-Kiong Ng. © 2009. 450 pages.
Methods for detecting protein-protein interactions (PPIs) have given researchers a global picture of protein interactions on a genomic scale. Biological Data Mining in Protein...