Yllka Azemi

Yllka Azemi is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing in Indiana University Northwest. She teaches marketing courses to undergraduate and MBA students. Her research interests include online service failure and recovery strategies, social media marketing, online and offline consumer behaviour, and online brand relationships. She received her bachelor degree from Rochester Institute of Technology (USA), Master’s degree from University of Wales (UK), and PhD from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK). She has been delivering lectures on marketing and digital marketing and qualitative research in number of UK Universities, including CAPA Education (London), Regents University, University of West London, and London College of Contemporary Arts. She is a visiting lecturer in Riinvest College (Kosovo). Yllka has published work in numerous international conferences, book chapters and journal papers.


Online Service Failure: Understanding the Building Blocks of Effective Recovery Strategy
Yllka Azemi, Wilson Ozuem. © 2019. 16 pages.
Digital media literature suggests that social media has eased the process of conceptualizing the customer, inclusive of their perception of fairness in the recovery provision....
Digital Marketing Strategies for Fashion and Luxury Brands
Wilson Ozuem, Yllka Azemi. © 2018. 460 pages.
Online shopping has become increasingly popular due to its availability and ease. As a result, it is important for companies that sell high-end products to maintain the same...
User-Generated Content and Perceived Customer Value
Wilson Ozuem, Celia Almeida Pinho, Yllka Azemi. © 2016. 14 pages.
The Internet has transformed social communications and social behaviours. Technology-aided interpersonal interactions have replaced traditional ‘face-to-face' affiliations....
Online Service Failure and Recovery Strategy: The Mediating Role of Social Media
Yllka Azemi, Wilson Ozuem. © 2016. 24 pages.
The Internet environment has transformed the concepts of service failure and recovery strategies from a dyadic customer-provider focus into a multidimensional web quality scope....