Zaila Oliveira

Zalia Oliveira currently works at the Centro Universitário Christus in the Departamento de Administração. She has her PhD in Management with Specialization in Marketing and Strategy.(4ef8ec3a-8ba8-4d8e-8a26-27efd40327a1)


Using Influencer Marketing as a Digital Business Strategy
Sandrina Teixeira, Sara Teixeira, Zaila Oliveira, Elnivan Souza. © 2024. 371 pages.
Using Influencer Marketing as a Digital Business Strategy presents a comprehensive exploration of the burgeoning world of digital influencers, whose impact on consumer behavior...
The Attitude of Portuguese Consumers of Green Cosmetics: The Influence of Environmental Concern and Health Concern
Zaila Oliveira, Sara Teixeira, Sara Teixeira, Sandrina F. Teixeira. © 2024. 25 pages.
Nowadays, environmental problems have been accentuated by the scarcity of natural resources, climate change, pollution levels, and waste. As a result, consumers have become more...
The Use of Social Media: Influence of Content Marketing for Brazilian Health Industry SMEs
Zaíla Oliveira, Sara Teixeira, Sandrina Teixeira, Joaquim Monteiro Pratas. © 2024. 25 pages.
The best way to capture consumer attention and entice them to purchase is by generating leads using an inbound marketing strategy. The research question raised is about the...
Determining Consensus on the Acceptance and Actions of Metaverse Marketing in the Portuguese Market
Sara Teixeira, Zaila Maria Oliveira. © 2024. 24 pages.
This research aims to identify, through an expert panel, the variables that may be most relevant in influencing consumer acceptance of Metaverse marketing and which Metaverse...
Self-Promotion Strategies on Instagram: A Case Study of a Digital Micro-Influencer
Mariana Oliveira Pinto, Sara Teixeira, Zaila Maria Oliveira. © 2024. 25 pages.
This research aims to provide an overview of the main self-promotion strategies used on Instagram. It considers the case study of a digital influencer, analyzing her activity on...
Understanding Google Ads Metrics for SME
Belem Barbosa, Zaila Oliveira, Sandrina F. Teixeira, Vasco Paço Gomes. © 2021. 22 pages.
Despite its popularity, search engine advertising is a particularly complex and demanding technique. One of the main challenges for Google Ads managers is to adequately monitor...