Ziska Fields

Ziska Fields is an Academic Leader and Senior Lecturer at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Her research interests focus on creativity and innovation specifically in tertiary education, business environments, entrepreneurship and research. She also developed two theoretical models to measure creativity in South Africa, focusing on the youth and tertiary education specifically. She has published in international recognised journals such as the Journal of Social Sciences. Recent publications have looked at measuring creativity in various contexts. Dr. Fields is also a member of the South African Institute of Management (SAIM), the Ethics Institute of South Africa (Ethics SA), and the Institute of People Management (IPM).


Developing Cybersecurity Resilience in the Provincial Government
Harold Patrick, Brett van Niekerk, Ziska Fields. © 2018. 28 pages.
The approach that the organization uses to manage its cyber-risk to its workforce, information, systems, and networks is paramount to ensure sustainability and continuity in the...
Information Security Management: A South African Public Sector Perspective
Harold Patrick, Brett van Niekerk, Ziska Fields. © 2018. 24 pages.
The frequency and sophistication of cyberthreats and attacks are increasing globally. All organizations including governments are at risk as more devices are connected to a...
Collective Creativity for Responsible and Sustainable Business Practice
Ziska Fields. © 2017. 385 pages.
Over the years, irresponsible business practices have resulted in industrial waste, which is negatively impacting the environment. As a result, it is imperative to develop new...