Zuheir Khlaif

Zuheir Khlaif is a faculty member at An Najah National University in Palestine. His research interest in instructional design practices, ICTs integration in both higher and public education, digital transformation, technostress.


Effective Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Education: Practical Tips and Actionable Insights
Manuel B. Garcia, Yunifa Miftachul Arif, Zuheir N. Khlaif, Meina Zhu, Rui Pedro Pereira de Almeida, Raquel Simões de Almeida, Ken Masters. © 2024. 19 pages.
With the increasing popularity of artificial intelligence (AI) applications in medical practices, the integration of AI technologies into medical education has garnered...
Comparative Research on Diversity in Virtual Learning: Eastern vs. Western Perspectives
Zuheir Khlaif, Mageswaran Sanmugam, Jamil Itmazi. © 2023. 322 pages.
In today’s modern world, it is crucial to ensure diversity and inclusion are present in all forms of education. This can be particularly difficult to achieve in virtual learning...
The Bright and Dark Sides of Online Learning in Palestine During the Pandemic
Saida Affouneh, Soheil Salha, Zuheir Khlaif. © 2021. 11 pages.
The shutdown of schools and universities due to the pandemic has impacted the global education system as well as Palestine's education system. The future of education is...