Processing Combinatorial Thinking: Innovators Marketplace as Role-Based Game Plus Action Planning

Processing Combinatorial Thinking: Innovators Marketplace as Role-Based Game Plus Action Planning

Teruaki Hayashi, Yukio Ohsawa
Copyright: © 2013 |Pages: 25
DOI: 10.4018/ijkss.2013070102
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Innovators Market Game is a method for facilitating innovation by helping to create new ideas by combining existent ideas. In this game, participants play roles, think of new ideas and evaluate them. The roles are selected from the real world, e.g., police officers, transportation authority, government and so on. The Role-based Innovators Market Game proposed in this study is designed to lead innovative ideas, based on the defined factors. Its rules, acting roles, and the communication in the Role-based IMG make players more creative and imaginative rather than sheer freedom. This study proposes not only the way of creating new ideas, but also the process for making them practical, by including the step of Action Planning, where players further cultivate ideas to make practical scenario of actions. These two methods form the refined process of Innovators Marketplace, and help in contriving innovative ideas for the human society in discovering and solving practical problems.
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It is difficult to invent innovative ideas, i.e., ideas with new and potential impact on the human society. There are many products and services in the world, but epoch-making products or services are rarely created. However, new products or services called innovation are steadily changing the social systems. People demand new systems of society. On 11th March 2011, the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan occurred. Two years after this unprecedented disaster, there still remains a lot of problems such as radioactive contamination from the nuclear power plant in Fukusima, the problems in the recovery of cities broken by tsunami, and so on. Specialists in domains continue discussing, however, in the present condition, fundamental solutions are seldom found for these problems. What are necessary in Japan and other sites in the world which may encounter huge disasters, are the drastic reforms, the changes, and new ideas of systems in/on which humans live with surviving these problems.

There are many methods for aiding participants to create new ideas. In this paper we improve Innovators Market Game (IMG hereafter) in creating feasible ideas, i.e., ideas which can be embodied in actions in real business. This method encourages participants to create high-value ideas for the real market and also trains their creativity. IMG is expected to be a promised method for creating ideas that can propose strategies for changing the world-wide social systems. In the next section let us introduce relevant studies of methods for creating ideas.

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