The Relational Trends to Sustainability

The Relational Trends to Sustainability

Rinaldo C. Michelini Di San Martino (DIMEC - Università di Genova, Genova, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/IJSECSR.2017010102
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This article describes how relational models permit explaining cognizance courses or cognitive successes by progress chances. Yet, growth and progress develop along finite trends: men's acquired science tells us that the universe suffers entropy. Global ecology appears to be different alarm: we shall understand that disposal and pollution necessitate recycle and recovery processes, i.e., we shall address frugal innovation ideas. The men followed along the ages the haughty attitude to enjoy absolute truths (God-backed or matter immanent); the thriftiness is assumed to be a faulty condition, when, on the contrary, it is the only way we can build the (comparative) progress. In the survey, the author moves around these topics, suggesting that some communal truths shall need revisions when aiming at the supply chain eco-sustainability.
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The civilization distinguishes from the wilderness, because of its intentional planning. The purposefulness describes by aware understanding of the observer, coherent talent of the actor and rational selection of the controller. The planning is men’s peculiarity, since:

  • The observer is conscious and figure out causal logics, to justify the trends;

  • The actor follows intelligible aims, to perform crafty and cogent operations;

  • The controller needs to verify the current choices, on the attained advance.

The progress is an awkward stipulation, termed by men, to the life-quality boost. The appraisal allots fit labels and gauges accruals or wealth expansion, against losses or tenure decay. The headway links to the intelligence, once expertise and rationality enable proficient choices. The growth links to life, matching the increase towards developed mortal beings and to lifecycle, showing the tuned trend of parallel deadly strings. The life is offbeat matter alteration on earth, which yields replication and development of the living beings:

  • The agentive skill justifies growth and gene evolution tells about offspring fittingness;

  • The rationality flair explains progress and meme fruition buoys collective betterment.

The intelligence is odd intangible completion on earth, which brings in the consistent culture and ethics artifacts of the human civilisation. The lifecycle trends do not avoid entropy. The mental worlds belong to an intellectual range, conceived and exchanged at incorporeal status. The switch to better life quality entails that complex observer-actor-controller’s talents exist, making a sound deployment of intangible opportunities, created out of the material reality (Biagioli & Galison, 2002; Easterly, 2001; Johnson, 2010, Park, 2009; Shermer, 2015. Wheeler, 2011).

The composite outcome means that: men understand the actuality around them; they operate with selective capabilities; they monitor and prize results at abstract highbrow concern. Nothing in the material universe forestalls splitting intangibles from tangibles, unless the spiritual items add with heavenly status. The ensuing dualism is old belief, explaining the progress as God’s gift or similar purposeful benefit, having transcendental cause. The earth is negligible speckle lost in the cosmos; it, however, carries awkward wonders, allowing biology and cognitive processes.


Biology And Cognitive Awes

The life and the intelligence bring on the earth agentive skills (and breeding) and intellectual flairs (and cognition). The observer-actor-controller’s knack is an oddity; the biology and the cognitive processes are, until today, unknown out of the earth. The universe does not need to be justified or explainable. Nonetheless, when somewhere in the cosmos, the men start existing, the coherence of interpretation pictures becomes apparent. The human construal can replicate absolute truths, can devise contingent data or can conceive fantasy inventions. The enigmas are current oddness, when investigated by the human researchers and when acknowledged by the cosmos’ pictures.

The puzzles about whether, how and why the universe is explicable and understandable are open enquiries, which happen occurring when thinking beings appear in it. There is no way to give reasons for or to justify the sidereal bulky dispersals and force fields, without intelligent observers. Do these puzzles are meaningful as absolute queries, or they move as needy poses? The dilemma investigation has no claim to supply certainties, only to somehow help our theoretical guesses. In the following, the analyses address the foundation of our technical principles and scientific beliefs.

The human science, most of the times, links to the cosmic information, awarding total truth to natural laws, to shape and rule bulks and fields. The connection exists in the term cosmos by assuming suited orderliness, opposed to the chaos of messy sets. The cosmic information can identify as inner or upper quality of the material reality (Campbell, 2007; Michelini, 2008; Nakamatsu & Lakhmi, 2009; Palmarini, 2012; Sussman, 1997; Williamson & Lynch, 2012). The known pictures lead to:

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