Authored References

About the Collection

Written entirely by up to five authors, Authored References are comprised of illustrative chapters that delve into emerging research in niche areas. Though similar to Edited References, these books tend to be smaller and more compact, featuring focused discussions on key models, methodologies, and concepts from a narrowed point-of-view.

Authored References are beneficial resources for researchers who are looking for additional content to enhance their studies. Faculty and students alike will find these titles to be indispensable accompaniments for both graduate and undergraduate courses.

Authored Reference Publications:

Strategic IT Governance and Performance Frameworks in Large Organizations
Yassine Maleh (The National Port Agency, Morocco), Abdelkebir Sahid (Hassan 1st University, Morocco), Mustapha Belaissaoui (Hassan 1st University, Morocco)
Release Date: January 2019. Copyright © 2019. 350 pages. $195.00
As digitization continues to bring rapid changes to businesses, companies must remain agile in order to comply with changing regulations and maintain governance and...
Applications of Nanofluid Transportation and Heat Transfer Simulation
Mohsen Sheikholeslami (Babol Noshirvani University of Technology, Iran)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 445 pages. $245.00
Different numerical and analytical methods have been employed to find the solution of governing equations for nanofluid flow and heat transfer. Applications of Nanof...
Tourism-Oriented Policing and Protective Services
Peter E. Tarlow (Texas A&M University, USA)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 262 pages. $195.00
Many countries around the world rely on the tourism industry to support their economies, making the safety and protection of travelers and workers in the industry of...
Constructing an Ethical Hacking Knowledge Base for Threat Awareness and Prevention
Sunita Vikrant Dhavale (Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, India)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 305 pages. $220.00
In recent decades there has been incredible growth in the use of various internet applications by individuals and organizations who store sensitive information onlin...
The Evolution of Black African Entrepreneurship in the UK
Sanya Ojo (University of East London, UK)
Release Date: December 2018. Copyright © 2019. 190 pages. $195.00
Migrating to a different country can be difficult, especially when attempting to start a business. Africans who migrate to the UK manage to negotiate and forge relat...
Analyzing the Role of Cognitive Biases in the Decision-Making Process
Verónica Juárez Ramos (International University of Rioja, Spain)
Release Date: November 2018. Copyright © 2019. 262 pages. $190.00
Decision making or making judgments is an essential function in the ordinary life of any individual. Decisions can often be made easily, but sometimes, it can be dif...
Big Data Processing With Hadoop
T. Revathi (Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India), K. Muneeswaran (Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India), M. Blessa Binolin Pepsi (Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India)
Release Date: November 2018. Copyright © 2019. 244 pages. $195.00
Due to the increasing availability of affordable internet services, the number of users, and the need for a wider range of multimedia-based applications, internet us...
Corporate Social Responsibility and Opportunities for Sustainable Financial Success
Julia Margarete Puaschunder (Columbia University, USA & The New School, USA)
Release Date: November 2018. Copyright © 2019. 300 pages. $200.00
Throughout recent decades, corporate and financial social responsibility has steadily become recognized worldwide in the wake of globalization and political trends....
Integrating and Streamlining Event-Driven IoT Services
Yang Zhang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China), Yanmeng Guo (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Release Date: November 2018. Copyright © 2019. 309 pages. $205.00
In IoT scenarios, ways in which large-scale and cross-domain service systems can be established are still unclear, and no systematic or in-depth theories and methods...
Gender Inequality and the Potential for Change in Technology Fields
Sonja Bernhardt (ThoughtWare, Australia), Patrice Braun (Federation University, Australia), Jane Thomason (Abt Associates, Australia)
Release Date: November 2018. Copyright © 2019. 375 pages. $195.00
Over the last few decades, the refrain for many activists in technology fields around the globe has been “attraction, promotion, and retention.” Yet the secret to ac...