Authored References

About the Collection

Written entirely by up to five authors, Authored References are comprised of illustrative chapters that delve into emerging research in niche areas. Though similar to Edited References, these books tend to be smaller and more compact, featuring focused discussions on key models, methodologies, and concepts from a narrowed point-of-view.

Authored References are beneficial resources for researchers who are looking for additional content to enhance their studies. Faculty and students alike will find these titles to be indispensable accompaniments for both graduate and undergraduate courses.

Authored Reference Publications:

Reshaping Social Policy to Combat Poverty and Inequality
Augustine Nduka Eneanya (University of Lagos, Nigeria)
Release Date: April 2020. Copyright © 2020. 200 pages. $185.00
The gap between various social classes occurs due to inequality in various social categories arising from lack of opportunities and exclusion from resource distribut...
Using Applied Mathematical Models for Business Transformation
Antoine Trad (IBISTM, France), Damir Kalpić (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 540 pages. $265.00
Traditional business practices have been left behind due to the increased use of data analytics and information technology in companies worldwide. This development h...
Informing View of Organization: Strategic Perspective
Bob Travica (University of Manitoba, Canada)
Release Date: December 2019. Copyright © 2020. 425 pages. $245.00
Businesses are incorporating automated processes and information technology, as cost cutters or productivity boosters, into their business strategy now more than eve...
Political Decision-Making and Security Intelligence: Recent Techniques and Technological Developments
Luisa Dall'Acqua (University of Bologna & LS TCO, Italy), Irene M. Gironacci (University of Swinburne, Australia)
Release Date: November 2019. Copyright © 2020. 170 pages. $195.00
The enormous spread of devices gives access to virtual networks and to cyberspace areas where continuous flows of data and information are exchanged, increasing the...
Monetary Policies and Independence of the Central Banks in E7 Countries
Hasan Dinçer (İstanbul Medipol University, Turkey), Serhat Yüksel (İstanbul Medipol University, Turkey)
Release Date: November 2019. Copyright © 2020. 286 pages. $195.00
Central banking independence is a crucial factor for sustainable economic development of multiple countries. The multiple components for such systems, however, makes...
Graphical Thinking for Science and Technology Through Knowledge Visualization
Anna Ursyn (University of Northern Colorado, USA)
Release Date: November 2019. Copyright © 2020. 300 pages. $225.00
With the advancement of technology in the modern world, the constant influx of data, information, and computing can become droning and one-dimensional. Re-examining...
Self-Organization of the Human Mind and the Transition From Paleolithic to Behavioral Modernity
Yury N. Kovalyov (Kyiv State Academy of Crafts Art and Design, Ukraine), Nver M. Mkhitaryan (National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Ukraine), Alexander Yu. Nitsyn (Kharkov Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine)
Release Date: November 2019. Copyright © 2020. 470 pages. $245.00
There is no common understanding of the concept of the human mind, its changes in different historical epochs, forecasts for development, or its influence on the phe...
Management Control Systems and Tools for Internationalization Success
Nuno Miguel Teixeira (Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal), Joaquim Silva Ribeiro (Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal), Ana Bela Teixeira (Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal), Teresa Godinho (Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal)
Release Date: November 2019. Copyright © 2020. 380 pages. $245.00
In the competitive environment of corporate business, companies are constantly looking for a competitive edge. With the development of information and communication...
Using Narrative Writing to Enhance Healing
Jennifer Lynne Bird (Oxbridge Academy, USA)
Release Date: November 2019. Copyright © 2020. 355 pages. $275.00
The fields of writing as healing and health coaching have expanded to aid in the physical and emotional healing of patients. Using writing as a healing method allows...
New Aesthetic Thought, Methodology, and Structure of Systemic Philosophy
Jie Wu (China System Philosophy Research Centre, Shenzhen University, China)
Release Date: October 2019. Copyright © 2020. 301 pages. $195.00
The methodologies of aesthetic thought have always had a deep, historic foundation and serve as a staple of philosophy. Researchers have begun re-examining the struc...