Authored References

About the Collection

Written entirely by up to five authors, Authored References are comprised of illustrative chapters that delve into emerging research in niche areas. Though similar to Edited References, these books tend to be smaller and more compact, featuring focused discussions on key models, methodologies, and concepts from a narrowed point-of-view.

Authored References are beneficial resources for researchers who are looking for additional content to enhance their studies. Faculty and students alike will find these titles to be indispensable accompaniments for both graduate and undergraduate courses.

Authored Reference Publications:

Integrating Principles of Success in Planning Denial and Deception Missions
Eugenie de Silva (Booz Allen Hamilton, USA)
Release Date: July 2023. Copyright © 2024. 330 pages.
Bioethics of Displacement and Its Implications
Manuel Lozano Rodríguez (American University of Sovereign Nations, Spain)
Release Date: June 2023. Copyright © 2023. 300 pages.
Structural Mathematical Modeling Applications in Technological Machines and Transportation Vehicles
Andrey Eliseev (Irkutsk State Transport University, Russia & Irkutsk National Research Technical University, Russia)
Release Date: June 2023. Copyright © 2023. 288 pages.
Understanding Bilingualism, Bilinguality, and Bilingual Education in an Era of Globalization
Ai-Ling Wang (Tamkang University, Taiwan)
Release Date: June 2023. Copyright © 2023. 300 pages.
Principles of Financial Control in the Public Sector
Plamena Georgieva Nedyalkova (University of Economics, Bulgaria)
Release Date: June 2023. Copyright © 2023. 190 pages.
Comparing Black Deaths in Custody, Police Brutality, and Social Justice Solutions
Janelle Christine Simmons (Independent Researcher, USA)
Release Date: May 2023. Copyright © 2023. 296 pages.