A Hybrid AHP-ELECTRE I Multicriteria Model for Performance Assessment and Team Selection

A Hybrid AHP-ELECTRE I Multicriteria Model for Performance Assessment and Team Selection

Ikram Khatrouch (University of Lyon, France & University of Saint Etienne, France), Lyes Kermad (University of Paris 8, France), Abderrahman el Mhamedi (University of Paris 8, France) and Younes Boujelbene (University of Sfax, Tunisia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0654-6.ch007


Human resources management is essential to any health care system. This paper proposes an assessment model to help the decision maker in the selection of an optimal team. In the proposed model, AHP method is applied to identify the weights of each criterion in the decision model. ELECTRE I method is used to obtain the best team that satisfies most of the decision maker preferences. We test the effectiveness of the model on the real data collected from the ‘Habib Bourguiba' Hospital in Tunisia.
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A Detailed Description Of Ahp

The AHP is a decision approach created to solve complex multiple criteria problems involving qualitative decisions (Saaty, 1994). The purpose of the method is to determine the relative importance of a set of activities in a multi-criteria decision problem. AHP is easy, comprehensive and logical. It can be used in both quantitative and qualitative multi-criteria decision making problems and it is widely accepted by the decision making community, be they the academics or the practitioners (Mamat et al., 2007). AHP permits collection of all relevant elements of a decision problem into one model to work out their interdependencies and their perceived consequences interactively. Its use of pairwise comparisons forces AHP users to articulate the relative importance of criteria and then to decide the relative contributions of the alternatives to the criteria (Carlsson et al., 1995).

The AHP method has been used in various fields to solve complex decision problems. It has widely applied in industrial engineering (Calabrese et al., 2013), the business domain (Kumar & Parashar, 2009), the medical domain (Vidal, Sahin, Matelli, Berhoune, & Bonan, 2010), and other fields.

The AHP is a powerful decision-making methodology in order to determine the priorities among different criteria. It encompasses three main stages (Bouhana et al., 2011):

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