A “La” Shape Antenna for High Frequencies Applications

A “La” Shape Antenna for High Frequencies Applications

Anurag Saxena (S. R. Group of Institutions Jhansi, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9683-7.ch001
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In this chapter, a ‘ला' shape antenna for high frequencies is designed which has been simulated under CST software using copper material (i.e., FR-4). The dielectric constant of this material is 4.4. The return loss of ‘ला' shaped antenna is -28 dB at 6.774 giga-hertz and -19 dB at 7.7 GHz resonant frequencies. It covers the bandwidth from 6.555 GHz to 7.122 GHz and 7.38 GHz to 8.07 GHz. In this chapter, simulated results like polarization, smith chart, return loss graph, 2-D pattern, 3-D pattern, and polar plot are presented.
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Design Configuration Of Presented Antenna

The presented antenna is imprinted on FR-4 epoxy substrate having thickness of 1.6 mm in which the dielectric permittivity of this material is 4.3 and loss tangent of 0.02. It can feed by a 50 Ω rectangular microstrip line and defected partial ground plane. The dimensions were calculated using standard design equations,

The design of presented antenna having front view and back view is shown in figure 1. The dimension ground made by copper is 50 x 22 mm having 0.0038 mm height and the dimension of substrate is 50 x 50 mm. The two patch circle is designed on copper substrate with two circle cuts for making design “ल”. The first circle cut shape is having radius of 9.5 mm and second circle cut shape is having radius of 9 mm. Table 1 shows the various parameters of presented antenna.

All the simulation and designing were optimized using Computer Simulation Technology (CST) software. Each antenna parameter was optimized stepwise with all other parameters fixed. In each optimization, best impedance bandwidth performance was chosen. Perfect partial ground plane and conductors were assumed.

Figure 1.

Front view and Back view of presented antenna

Table 1.
Parameters of Presented Antenna
Relative permittivity (εr)4.4
Resonant Frequency-16.774 GHz
Resonant Frequency-27.7 GHz
Substrate Dimension50 x 50 mm
Strip Line-12.5 x 50 mm
Strip Line-22.5 x 50 mm
Height of Material1 mm

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