A Survey on Strategies, Trends, Economics, and Prospects of Cloud-Based Gaming

A Survey on Strategies, Trends, Economics, and Prospects of Cloud-Based Gaming

Sharon Moses J. (VIT University, India), Dhinesh Babu L. D. (VIT University, India), Nirmala M. (VIT University, India), M. Rajasekhara Babu (VIT University, India) and P. Venkata Krishna (Sri Padmavathi Mahila Visvavidyalayam, India)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0546-4.ch001


Cloud gaming-as-a-service is emerging as one of the potential revenue generating futuristic fields with a higher growth rate. Cloud gaming service is an entertainment service that depends totally on the cloud computing technology. Cloud gaming delivers games to the gamers, anywhere at any time without any gaming specific hardware and without diminishing the gamer's quality of experience. From getting the user command to rendering the graphics, everything is processed at the gaming service provider end. The only need for the gamer is to use a thin client like web browser to access the cloud game server. In this chapter, we have detailed about the cloud game systems, cloud game services, issues in cloud gaming, economics of cloud gaming, research prospects and the evolution of cloud gaming service.
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Cloud Gaming Over Traditional Gaming

Traditional games that are played by humans are programmed into applications. These programmed applications are called as traditional computer games (Wikipedia, Traditional game, 2015). Video games were not familiar with people until the introduction of computers. Cathode ray tube amusement device is the first known gaming device with a display. This device did not have any storage device or computer program and was totally based on analog signals. After analog games, in the year 1952, interactive visual gaming came into existence. These devices were huge in size and were not available to the public. In 1962 first digital video game called Spacewar was invented by students of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. This game made a revolution among the computer users and got installed on several of the computers. The familiarity of this digital video game made programmers concentrate on the development of the gaming technology. Due to demand and novelty of the gaming among the general public in the year, 1972 commercial video gaming industry came into existence (Wikipedia, Early history of video games, 2014). Personal computer advancements and easy accessibility to the general public nurtured the invention of numerous PC games. Consoles specially designed for playing games were invented and targeted gamers. The invention and advancement in mobile phones paved the way for mobile cloud gaming (Robinson, 2012). The usefulness of World Wide Web made programmers to develop social network games (Wikipedia, Origins of the computer game, 2014). From cathode ray tube amusement device, game development evolved into various forms and attained the cloud gaming in the year 2009 (Kent, 2001). In Figure 1, the evolution of cloud gaming from the traditional gaming is depicted.

Figure 1.

Evolution of cloud gaming

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