A Transitional Shift From Traditional Library to Digital Library

A Transitional Shift From Traditional Library to Digital Library

Dipankar Halder (NSOU, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9825-1.ch011


Traditional libraries were considered as the storehouse for books and available for kings and renowned personalities of the society. Later on, libraries were considered information centres, but with the emergence of ICT, the concept of traditional libraries was changed; the books were replaced by information, and now information is for use for dissemination not for preservation. Tremendous advancement in technological developments is taking place in the field of ICT, so the user demand to change according to change in technology, to meet the demand of users and the library were shifting from traditional libraries to digital libraries, electronic libraries, and virtual libraries. This chapter discusses the relationship between digital and traditional libraries. It takes a critical look at the belief that the information technology revolution has destroyed traditional libraries as well as the librarians working them.
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The objectives of this study are given below:

  • The primary objective of this study to define and explain the concept of traditional and ICT based Library.

  • To analyze the Difference between Traditional & Digital Libraries.

  • To explain the Advantages of Digital libraries over Traditional Libraries.

  • To define and explain the impact of information communication Technology on Library services.

  • To analyze the various changes and challenges evolved before the library professional in the digital environment

  • To discuss the Issue and challenges of Digital Libraries.


Digital Vs. Traditional Libraries

The shift from ancient libraries to the digital isn't simply a technological evolution however needs a amendment within the paradigm by which individuals access and act with info.

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