An Efficient System for Human Detection Using PIR Sensor and Mobile Technology

An Efficient System for Human Detection Using PIR Sensor and Mobile Technology

Muzamil Ahmad, Muhammad Shoaib, Aizaz ul Haq
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6939-8.ch010
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Personal security and safety of one's property is not just one's basic need but one's basic right, too. Had it not been for this fact, there wouldn't have been any laws, law enforcement bodies, system of justice, and any question of good governance and government. Apart from these highly sophisticated means for protection of human safety in terms of physical security including health, economic security, and social security, there have been other systems in place for safety purposes. These include home, shop, or office automation, deployment of security staff, installation of CCTV cameras, buying insurance policies, and so on. However, each of these measures costs great money to the security seeker. The system presented in this chapter, based on human (and/or animal) detection using passive infrared radial (PIR) sensor and mobile technology, is a cost-effective security solution to those who cannot afford large investments in their personal and property safety.
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Robbery and burglary are two circumstantially different types of property theft that involve breach of someone’s right to physical and socio-economic safety (DeMille, 2016). In terms of criminal justice, burglary is breaking into a place owned by someone else with an intention of theft or felony. The building or structure may be an office, a shop, a house or a farm that a burglar(s) may enter by force or by use of false keys (DeMille, 2016 and Knoema, 2015). Noteworthy fact here is that it does not include incidents of theft from a car; from a container; from a vending machine; from a parking meter and from fenced meadow/compound (Knoema, 2015).

Key Terms in this Chapter

Protection: The developed system that act the main role in the human right protection.

Passive Infrared Radial (PIR) Sensor: The sensor that are detect someone motion around approximately 10 matters.

Responsible: The system is responsible to inform you via call, an alarm, and light.

Detector: If someone cross the area where you are set the system then Detector/PIR Sensor will perform detection.

Responsive: The system is too will call you on the spot.

Interloper: A person that entered to an area where he/she are not allowed.

Electronic: Mostly used those elements in the project that are electronic materials.

System: The system is based on security and technology to secure us.

CALL: Calling from the connect mobile to another mobile when Sensor detect someone.

Society: The society in which we are living. And we need protection for our happiness.

Innovation: To present new system, idea for the human right.

Security: Every person need to secure their selves from the stealers and other risks.

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