An Extenics-Based Learning Performance Evaluation Scheme in Distance Learning

An Extenics-Based Learning Performance Evaluation Scheme in Distance Learning

Ying-Chen Lee (Waseda University, Japan) and Nobuyoshi Terashima (Waseda University, Japan)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-4615-5.ch011


In recent years, Web-based learning has become one of the major applications of the Internet. For Web-based learning, it is important to design an intelligent curriculum Website for students and to make teachers understand the learning situation of each student in order to provide adequate auxiliary learning materials to individual students. Seven factors, including learning behaviors, were assumed to affect the learning performance of students. These assumptions have been analyzed to determine their effectiveness, and five factors, the degree of interest in the course, the degree of the familiarity with the computer, the number of Web pages browsed, the length of the course content, and the degree of difficulty of the course content are selected for evaluating the learning performance of students. In the research, a Moodle-based curriculum Website was established as the experimental platform to record students’ learning behaviors for analysis. By applying the extenics engineering method, a learning performance evaluation scheme is proposed to generate an evaluated learning performance of individual students for instructors’ reference. Thus, according to the evaluated learning performance, instructors can provide students with more adequate learning materials in accordance with individual students’ learning performance.
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In the long run, students’ learning behaviors will affect learning performance significantly. A suitable web-based instructional system should be selected as the experimental platform for establishing the proposed extenics-based learning performance evaluation scheme. In this section, the factors that will affect the learning performance of students, the selected Moodle learning management system, and the extenics theory will be described.

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