Victor Portougal (University of Auckland, New Zealand)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-979-3.ch013


The implementation of the Production Planning and Control (PP) module of theSAP system uncovered a need to provide an effective computer support torelated managerial decisions not covered by typical SAP applications. Ex-amples are given in subsequent paragraphs.The manufacturing process requires an updated short-term forecast eachweek. Sales managers must produce the forecast, and then it is automaticallyprocessed within the master production scheduling. Sales figures for individualproducts have to be provided on a weekly basis for the current month and thenext month. Actual sales made each week are captured and available forreporting on the following morning (after actual sales completion). Sales staffcompare actual sales with long-term forecasts and, using judgment, makenecessary adjustments. Currently forecasts are prepared manually and then putinto the database. The process needs computer support to relieve salespersonnel and to eliminate data entry.

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