Correction of the Temperature Component of Error of Piezoelectric Acceleration Sensor

Correction of the Temperature Component of Error of Piezoelectric Acceleration Sensor

Anatoly Perederko (National Aviation University, Ukraine)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1415-3.ch011
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In the aviation and aerospace industries, systems of artificial intelligence are being intensively implemented. For their effective functioning, it is necessary to provide reliable primary information. Information is collected by primary converters. In various systems of aviation technology, piezoelectric accelerometers are widely used as primary transducers. In particular, they are part of inertial navigation systems. These systems do not need external sources of information and are not affected by external interference. Therefore, they are widely used in aircraft for various purposes. These accelerometers are also used in other aircraft systems. In systems for monitoring the operation of gas turbine engines, systems for registering overloads. However, in conditions of high-temperature differences, shocks, vibrations, and significant accelerations, piezoelectric transducers have inherent flaws that affect the linearity and accuracy in measuring these values. Especially piezoelectric transducers are critical to extreme temperatures.
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Ordeval Approach

The structural and electrical schematics of the most commonly used in practice piezoelectric sensors of the generator type for measuring acceleration (vibration) are shown in Figure 1.

The structural diagram of such sensors as a sequence of measuring transducers includes: a transducer of the measured mechanical parameter – acceleration a into force F, then piezoelectric element, which converts the force into an electric charge q and an electrical circuit, which is connecting the piezoelectric element with a matching amplifier and converts the charge into voltage φ the electronic equipment input.

Figure 1.

Structural diagram of piezoelectric sensors


The main disadvantages of piezoelectric transducers made from special piezoceramic materials relate to their thermal properties:

  • High pyroelectric coefficient.

  • Temperature changes of the piezoelectric coefficients and dielectric permeability.

  • Temperature hysteresis, which determines the influence of the previous thermal states on the current value of the characteristics.

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