The Decision Hedgehog: Group Communication and Decision Support

The Decision Hedgehog: Group Communication and Decision Support

Patrick Humphreys
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-843-7.ch017
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The discourses established as the foundations of group decision support systems (GDSS) have been called into question not only in the interests of advancing the academic GDSS field (Bannon, 1997), but also out of the perceived need to plug gaps that sophisticated GDSS systems throw up in practice (Huber, 1981; Humphreys & Brezillon, 2002; Humphreys & Jones, 2006; Stabell, 1987). The limitations of rational perspectives of “decision- making as choice” have been raised (Carlsson, 2002; Cyert & March, 1992; Nappelbaum, 1997). The challenges relate to failures of implementation, the rise of unintended outcomes, the impact of cultures of fear and failure within organisations (Humphreys & Nappelbaum, 1997), and problems associated with externalisation of decision systems designers who “play God” by designing from outside the game for those who are inside (Humphreys, 1989).

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