The Deepest Inner Self: A Foundation for "Emtional Intelligence"

The Deepest Inner Self: A Foundation for "Emtional Intelligence"

Eugene Kaluzniacky (University of Winnipeg, Canada)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-198-8.ch004
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Until now, we have examined how we behave and function, and also how we think and learn. But, are we simply “rational animals” with an intellect, feelings, and a body? Is there, from a conceptual as well as experiential point of view, yet another component to the human person? This chapter assumes that, indeed, the deepest inner self (inner core, center, being, soul), does exist in and can be consciously accessible to a well-adjusted, aware human person. Furthermore, this central core can truly provide rejuvenated psychological energy in times of stress and change, and it can also provide stability and impetus to significantly creative efforts. Thus, it is proposed here that conscious awareness of one’s deepest self can indeed add a very important dimension to the work of an IS professional, particularly one whose work involves human interaction. As well, it is pointed out that connection to one’s inner self provides the basis for the currently popular notion of “emotional intelligence” (which will be defined later in this chapter), both at work and in personal life.

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