Design Surrenders to Virtual Reality

Design Surrenders to Virtual Reality

Manlio Brusatin
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2823-5.ch014
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Before moving into a house, each of us consults a drawing of a plan. But what turns that plan into the interior of a house? The representation of the architectural design produces a drawing for the project: they may become the same thing or perhaps different things. We know that each interior space is only truly designed by living in it. The designer narrates (draws) a design to make it become reality. But what kind of gap is there between knowing how to draw and knowing how to build, that is, between the ability to render in a drawing and the ability to construct a building? Compared to classic systems of representation (plan, elevation, section, and perspective), rendering has become the simulation of constructed reality, which does not yet exist and won't have exactly the form envisaged. If in the design VR (virtual reality) tends to dominate the RR (real reality), the RR will end up revealing VR to be a fake reality (FR).
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Drawing Surrenders To Virtual Reality

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find a home, even just a room. Or rather, find a house that we really like. No one is aware of this until forced to find a home, even just a room.

We are used to buying or renting a house that has been used by others or to choosing a house that is not there yet. And then be able to live in it for who knows how long.

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