A Deterrence Theory Perspective on Personal Web Usage

A Deterrence Theory Perspective on Personal Web Usage

Dinesh A. Mirchandani (University of Missouri-St. Louis, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-148-3.ch006


Personal Web usage (PWU) in the workplace is a matter of considerable concern to organizations today. However, human resources managers are not fully aware of the range of actions they can take to reduce PWU. This chapter examines general deterrence theory in the context of PWU and identifies actions that managers can take to reduce PWU. It uses a two-stage research methodology consisting of: (1) interviews with managers to gather qualitative data, and (2) a field survey of end users to gather quantitative data on PWU. It finds support for the deterrence theory and recommends that managers use a sequential implementation of four deterrence stages to contain PWU. These are: (1) framing an ‘Internet use policy,’ (2) implementing measures to prevent PWU such as restricting Internet access only to certain employees, (3) implementing appropriate content management software to detect PWU, and (4) standardizing policies to remedy non-acceptable Web usage. These four deterrence stages can protect an organization from the harmful effects of PWU of its employees.

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