Doing Critical IS Research: The Question of Methodology

Doing Critical IS Research: The Question of Methodology

Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic (University of Western Sydney, Australia)
Copyright: © 2001 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-930708-06-8.ch006


Critical information systems (IS) research denotes a critical process of inquiry that seeks to achieve emancipatory social change by going beyond the apparent to reveal hidden agendas, concealed inequalities and tacit manipulation involved in a complex relationship between IS and their social, political and organisational contexts. It has its philosophical and theoretical roots in critical social theory (Held, 1980; Fay, 1987; Morrow and Brown, 1994). As a critical social researcher studies the social life of people in order to help them change conditions and improve their lives, so too does a critical IS researcher. By demystifying technological imperatives and managerial rationalism justifying a particular information system design, the critical IS researcher helps both IS practitioners and users understand its social consequences, envisage desirable alternatives and take action.

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