Effective Diversity Management in the 21st Century

Effective Diversity Management in the 21st Century

William Gary McGuire
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2668-3.ch012
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The chapter establishes who determines the effectiveness of organizational diversity management while providing a sustainment plan for the coming years. Additional experiences from the author as a diversity practitioner help to establish how culture impacts diversity effectiveness in the U.S. Military as well as business and industry in the United States. Finally, as personality types tend to validate certain behaviors in the international community with respect to culture, the U.S. Military and supporting commercial contractors could easily change the mindset of diversity leaders when they imply that personality type has no bearing on the culture of the occupied country and the willingness to win the hearts and minds (Patreaus, et al., 2006) of those occupied. The Consulting Psychology Press (CPP) and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) can help us to better understand the diverse personalities required to help make organizations effective. At the end of the day, organizational leaders (regardless of their affiliation with the military, education and training, or business and industry) who receive various forms of diversity and inclusion education and training can enhance their overall effectiveness and diversity management programs.
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Who Determines How Effective Diversity Management Is In An Organization?

It is difficult to determine the effectiveness of a diversity management program in an organization. There have been numerous consulting firms that say they have framed the model for the future, but few provided a model that could be used in educational, medical, business, and military organizations. For sure, there are no programs that determine effectiveness. There are people in the organization that can help with determining effectiveness of diversity and inclusion programs. When an organization is a profit-producing organization, it is pretty obvious that the effectiveness of their diversity and inclusion program can be charted through the human relations and budget or finance officers. One way to determine effectiveness might be to have the Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of organizations provide reports on effectiveness. This could show significant declines or improvements in the effectiveness of an organization, but the truth is, the effectiveness is determined by the leadership and that could be determined at various levels of leadership.

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