Effects of Stress Management and Healthcare Issues

Effects of Stress Management and Healthcare Issues

Pinki Paul (Sikkim Manipal University, India)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9787-2.ch009
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Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. Stress is defined as perspective of mind or as mental health disorder. It is of equal importance compared with others in the 21st century. Stress management is a common phenomenon globally. The imbalance of any occasion creates stress. The most significant factors include separated from family, loneliness, fatigue, multi-nationality, limited recreation activity, and dissatisfaction of job opportunity, which tends to cause healthcare issues, especially sleep deprivation and depression. The long-lasting stress causes chronic mental fatigue. It has positive and negative impacts, which depend on situations. Sometimes it plays as a motivating factor for peak performance and great opportunity, or sometimes negative like when a person faces social, physical, organizational, and emotional problems.
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Stress is a rare preventable significance of modern goal-oriented life. Modern life is full of struggle, morbidity, disappointment, and demands etc. It has significantly impacted both ways of life; either positively in our lives or negatively in our lives. Stress is also a psychological factor behind that causing nervousness, anxiety like many other mental health problems. So, one should concern how they control these managerial strategies like planning, organizing, finding. This application is really helpful for achieving goal to minimize the stress. In other words, if we find any misbalance occurs in job challenge, and thenone should need more strength and stamina, must speed their gaining power within timeperiod. Today’s work stress is recognized universal as a considerable challenge to workers’ health and the wellness of their organizations. People who are in stress they are not able to motivate in their work and less productive. Therefore, if employees are not able to give their best effort in work, organization cannot achieve their desire objectives. The current scenario of work requires faster and excellent quality of work with minimum time. Today, employer`s demands are best performance as both quality and quantity of work to achieve the target. Hence, to prohibit incomplete tasks, the outcome is stress. Always organizational process is long-term process, so during this procedure many employees feel degenerate with their work performance and mostly facing attention deficit disorder followed by depression(Jahanian, Tabatabaei, & Behdad, 2012).

As per psychology factors, decision making is significance as cognitive process. It is a belief of course of action within several possibilities. But in stress, employees are very limited to make any important decision;hence it is a reflection of motor activity process slow down and memory become weakened. As a result, interpersonal relationship isobstructing by conflict in the workplace, psychological panic occur in the workplace(Cropanzano, Howes, Grandey, & Toth, 1997).

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