Effects on Employee Motivation of Working Conditions in National/International F&B Enterprises: Kirklareli Case

Effects on Employee Motivation of Working Conditions in National/International F&B Enterprises: Kirklareli Case

İlke Başarangil (Kırklareli University, Turkey) and Emre Altıntaş (Kırklareli University, Turkey)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5760-9.ch008
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The purpose of this research is to examine the effect of variables on the working conditions of national/international chain F&B enterprises on employee motivation. One hundred and sixty-four people working in 11 chain F&B enterprises in Turkey, in Kırklareli province, participated in the survey. The sampling method was used easy sampling for research. The research was conducted by applying survey technique from quantitative research methods. Regression analysis, factor analysis, Mann Whitney U, and Kruskal Wallis analysis were performed in the analysis of the obtained data. As a result of the factor analysis performed, two different components were obtained under working conditions and three different components were obtained in the context of motivational variables. As a result of the simple linear regression analysis performed, it is found that a significant part of the change in the motivation variable depends on the working conditions. Research results are thought to be beneficial to F&B managers.
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In rapidly changing world economies, the consumption habits of individuals are also rapidly changing. Food and beverages also have their share in this development. This change has made it crucial to examine the working conditions and motivations of employees in these service-based businesses. The improvement of working conditions leads to the increased motivation of businessmen, to improve their jobs, and thus to increase the quality of services they offer to foreign customers.

In particular, managers can improve employee productivity by improving working conditions, and promote occupational motivation in the positive direction. Increased motivation of the employees and increase in organizational performance will also be achieved. In other respects, it will be possible to reach the goals and objectives of the enterprises more effectively and in a short time. Managers will be able to make positive changes by utilizing various motivational tools in line with the needs of their workplaces. It is important for the managers to increase the confidence in the workplace in terms of working conditions in order to increase the motivation of the employees in the food and beverage sector, to ensure the satisfaction of the worker on the wage satisfaction, to remove the inequalities by the justice perceived in the workplace, to improve the quality of work and life of the occupation and finally to be appreciated in the workplace. The discovery and examination of these elements play a vital role in the success of both managers and businesses.

For this reason, in this research, the working conditions of the national/international chain food and beverage companies in the province of Kırklareli were determined to influence the motivation of the employer and the aim of contributing to both the managers and the field writers was taken into consideration. In the first part of this study, a literature review of working conditions and motivation theories in the business were included, then to research methodology, analyzes, findings and finally results.

Key Terms in this Chapter

F&B Enterprises: F&B enterprises are independents establishments that provides food and beverage services.

Quality of Work-Life: Work-life quality is aimed at improving the quality of life of employees by increasing the effectiveness of organization.

Wage Satisfaction: The wage/pay satisfaction is satisfaction level of employees' salaries.

Workplace Justice: The concept of workplace justice is provided for every individual who works for organizational justice.

Working Conditions: Working conditions are the basis of paid employment and employment relations. In general, working conditions include subject and subject matter in a wide range of physical conditions and mental demands at work as well as hourly wages.

Confidence: The concept of confidence is the belief that someone is behaving correctly.

Motivation: The motivation is the continuity of the individual's efforts to reach the target.

Appreciation: Feelings of gratitude for things done.

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