Event Management

Event Management

Bilan Sahidi (The University of Sunderland, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3230-0.ch003
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In this chapter, the sustainability and development related to corporate social responsibility is assessed. The intermediate approaches of group thinking and their future possibilities are discussed in brief. It will be helpful to break the orthodox mentality and also for future purpose to bring development and innovation in the society. The techniques of current approaches regarding the thinking process and their impact on the society are assessed. The group thinking has been assessed through a particular mentality of the society. The process of implementing change in the recent mentality and the platform to implement the process has been analyzed in the context of learning and development.
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The sustainability and development related to CSR have been disusing in terms of a particular event in the country, it has been signified through the precious and current context compaction. Accordant to the observation, current conditions related to the Tackling Groupthink & Orthodoxy in Sustainability have been discussed in relation to the Corporate Social Responsibility. In this study, the current conditions related to the group thinking as well as the present condition of groupthink and orthodoxy in sustainability have been described in an elaborate manner. Also, the role of implementing the Groupthink activities has also been mentioned in the study.

Overview of the Event

The event of Tackling Groupthink & Orthodoxy in Sustainability took place in February of 2019. It is a recent event which focused on maintaining the groupthink and its impact in the country is related to corporate social responsibility. The group thinking and its implementation in real life are related to resolving the main problems of today's society in the UK. Previous thinking mechanism in terms of daily operation was successful for that particular period of the community. Millen Baker, an unknown CSR commentator and podcaster has delivered a speech on the development of group thinking and orthodox mentality tackling.

He has the experience of delivering different speeches in a different context that has helped to change the thinking process of a particular country. The speaker demonstrated the main reason for the orthodox mentality and thus implementing various procedures for diminishing this kind of mental obligations. The reason for sticking to the one-way process of thinking includes climate change and the lifestyles of the particular region. The institution Academia has consigned some of the practical solutions that helped identify the main reason for being stuck at the same mentality for more timespan (Scherer et al. 2016).

The particular aspect of changing lifestyle and brief understanding as per the speaker has been demonstrated due to the group or community-based habit. In order to correct the orthodox mentality, continuous change and learning might be needed. In the current aspect, the learning mentality is stagnant, and thus it is very difficult for the people to make their mind work accordingly to the current tradition of the thinking process. The event has been arranged with the help of UK volunteers who were attached with the governmental help and also by the help of different private agencies that provide manpower through the event of Tackling Groupthink & Orthodoxy in Sustainability.

In order to accommodate the huge number of people, there were more space and accommodation has been arranged in the meeting. The event of Tackling Groupthink & Orthodoxy in Sustainability has risen the funding from the government as well as the private institute who were associated with different NGOs. A specific time frame was implemented for wider participation. The intelligence and thinking process is related to the success of the message that has been delivered in the seminar. It could be helpful for the countrymen in the future time frame. Due to the suggestion that has been delivered for the improvement of thinking, it became easy for the people of a particular country to make their daily life simpler (Martínez, Fernandez and Fernández, 2016).

The Objective of Event

The objective of the event is described below

  • To make the people aware of the current thinking process through the event of Tackling Groupthink & Orthodoxy in Sustainability.

  • To implement the new thinking process a part of daily life.

  • To have less complexity in group thinking in life through the event of Tackling Groupthink & Orthodoxy in Sustainability.

  • To reduce the orthodox mentality in the life of UK citizens.

  • To maintain the corporate social responsibility in the particular process.

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