Flexible Educational Program for Managerial Engineering Personnel in Innovation

Flexible Educational Program for Managerial Engineering Personnel in Innovation

Anna Maltseva (Tver State University, Russia)
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This chapter raises the issues of development of continuous education of managerial engineering personnel in industrial companies. The case of designing implementation of the additional education program for the course “Innovation Management” with flexible learning paths was considered. This case was created on the basis of the Foresight study's results of current and future development challenges facing LLC Lihoslavl Factory “Svetotechnika.” The results of the survey of the audience—heads of structural enterprise's subdivisions—were shown. They demonstrated the need for organizational learning, as well as the most appropriate forms and instruments of its implementation.
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Main Focus Of The Chapter

The mentioned above structural features of LLC Lihoslavl Factory “Svetotechnika” as well as special management team’s requirements have not allowed to realize the classical scheme of the program “Innovation Management”, herewith its flexible trajectory was created, the specific thematic areas, necessary for this organization were marked. Foresight study, which was carried out previously and in which current and strategic issues both for individual groups of employees and for the company as a whole were identified, became a toolkit of creation of the thematic program plan.

The first introductory tutorial was organized in the training format, during which on the basis of collective discussion, working in small groups and voting the company’s key problems that require additional knowledge to solve them have been identified:

Key Terms in this Chapter

Learning Organization: An organization that creates, acquires, transfers and retains knowledge. It is able to successfully modify its behavior to reflect new knowledge or projects.

Change Management: A structured approach to the translation of individuals, teams, and organizations from current state to desired future state.

Innovation: A complex process of the creation dissemination and use of new practical tools to meet human needs.

Additional Professional Education: Type of education received in addition to the average professional or higher education.

Invention: Creative-sky process aimed at resolving contradiction to achieve significant goals and the lack of sufficient funds. The result of this process is the invention as the method of resolving the mentioned contradictions.

Human Capital: The totality of knowledge and skills used to meet the diverse needs of a person, company, and society as a whole.

Creativity: Ability characterized by the willingness to create a fundamentally new idea that deviate from traditional or accepted patterns of thought.

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