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In today's world, where technological developments and age-related consumption tendencies differ, entrepreneurship is a subject that needs to be investigated in the context of gerontology. Consumption behaviors are influenced by the effects of decreases due to aging on technology and the environment. In this chapter, where the effects of differentiation of consumption behaviors on entrepreneurship and its process are discussed, a new concept, gerontrepreneurship, is introduced. With this concept, the authors a new idea to gerontology in the context of entrepreneurship, elderly-technology interaction, and digital service innovations. In this chapter, the consumption processes of the elderly and their relations with the gerontrepreneurship process are explained, and recommendations are made.
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Research Methodology

This study was prepared by a systematic review method (Robinson & Lowe, 2015; Uman et al., 2008). Identification, review, analysis, summarization, discussion, and presentation processes were followed respectively. First of all, the research question (What is the consumption and entrepreneurship processes in the context of digital service innovation, gerontology, and aging?) And its framework was determined. For this research, the concepts of entrepreneurship and gerontology were reviewed in the literature. The obtained information was categorized into subject headings and the identified framework was systematically organized (Uman, 2011). While constituting the titles, the framework and the obtained information were coded (Petticrew & Roberts, 2008). The concepts were chosen following the research topic. The chapter title was created by combining the new knowledge with the creative idea. During the creation of the chapter title, it was considered whether the representation of two concepts by one concept.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Gerontrepreneurship: The combination of the words of gerontology and entrepreneurship. It is a type of entrepreneurship that examines the pre- and post-consumption processes that take place under factors that arise from age-related advances.

Gerontrepreneur: An entrepreneur in gerontology. Gerontrepreneurs take risks, act proactively and enact innovative behaviors by evaluating the aging factors, turn the risks into opportunities in elderly consumption.

Entrepreneurship: The production of new products/providing new services, forming new service/product processes, researching and entering new markets, ensuring organizational sustainability, creating new strategies and organizational forms, efficient use of resources.

Social Gerontology: A sub-science of gerontology which examines the aging process in terms of social aspects, aims to improve the lives of elderly individuals and bring them to the society in the light of social needs and evaluates aging within the framework of macro and micro-economy.

Gerontology: An emerging and interdisciplinary field regarding the aging process.

Consumption: A type of behavior that is experienced by the consumers and has effects on the individual. The act of benefiting from services, drinking, using, eating.

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