Human Wisdom in the 21st Century

Human Wisdom in the 21st Century

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The purpose of this study is to assess the wisdom potential of humans, which can be applied in human and organizational practice. So far, we have defined a Model of Wisdom Potential of Civilization (WPC) in Chapter 5 which analyzes factors at the highest aggregation level of a civilization. A model which will define the Wisdom Potential of Humans (WPH) must reflect the lowest position of a human within a civilization structure. In other words, a human’s wisdom potential depends on the contextual environment, which we will limit in this study to the levels of family, profession, and civilization as depicted in Figure 1.

Figure 1.

The wisdom potential of humans within the context of the environment


This model indicates that all levels of social interactions influence each other and particularly impact human wisdom potential.

A model of Wisdom Potential of Humans is shown in Figure 2. This model is similar in concept to the Model of Wisdom Potential of Civilization (Figure 5.1). Instead of one level, it contains three. Furthermore, this model measures key indicators at the level of the individual. An individual who evolves through the three levels of his/her environment becomes more civilized and wiser. Mental health is not considered in this model because at the individual level, it actually limits one’s wisdom. This model applies the following key indicators:

Figure 2.

The anatomy of human wisdom (acronyms are explained in the text)

  • IQI: Intelligence Quotient of Individual

  • CII: Creativity Index of Individual

  • EII: Emotional Index of Individual

  • MWII: Mind Wisdom Index of Individual

  • DII: Developmental Index of Individual

  • MWIF: Mind Wisdom Index of Family

  • DIF: Developmental Index of Family

  • MWIP: Mind Wisdom Index of Profession

  • DIP: Developmental Index of Profession

  • MWIC: Mind Wisdom Index of Civilization

  • DIC: Developmental Index of Civilization

  • WAPII: Wisdom Activity Potential Index of Individual

  • WAPIF: Wisdom Activity Potential Index of Family

  • WAPIP: Wisdom Activity Potential Index of Profession

  • WAPIC: Wisdom Activity Potential Index of Civilization

  • WAPIX: Wisdom Activity Potential Index of Contexts

  • MWIH: Mind Wisdom Index of Humans

  • DIH: Developmental Index of Humans

  • WAPIH: Wisdom Activity Potential Index of Humans

  • WCPIH: Wisdom Capacity Potential Index of Humans

  • WPIH: Wisdom Potential Index of Humans

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