Immersive Technologies and Smart Cities in ASEAN: Discovering the Future Innovation Challenges

Immersive Technologies and Smart Cities in ASEAN: Discovering the Future Innovation Challenges

Domitilla Magni, Rossana Piccolo, Veronica Scuotto, Armando Papa, Manlio Del Giudice
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-6477-6.ch004
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Immersive technologies can have a huge impact on the social structure of a country, opening new opportunities and new scenarios. Through the exploitation and synergy of peculiar disruptive technologies, we are witnessing a capillary development of smart cities and collaborative platforms to facilitate the citizens' lives. The Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN) has the highest growth rate for the intelligent exploitation of technologies. This chapter aims to outline the real impact of technology in the social and business environment by redesigning the continuous disruptive technologies and the different changes of perspective in the relationship between the individual and social sphere. The originality of the chapter lies in analyzing the potential of the smart city to implement a sustainable and collaborative urban development plan capable of spreading technological entrepreneurship and digital innovation.
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Immersive Technologies: Definition And Impact In Social Life

Immersive technologies are the set of functional technologies to emulate an environment or a physical world, using digital tools and interactive interfaces which, due to sensory stimulation, allow to induce certain sensations and to create an immersive experience (Cummings & Bailenson, 2016).

Key Terms in this Chapter

ASNC: Is a collaborative platform where cities from the ten ASEAN Member States work together for a common goal.

Mixed Reality: Mixing of digital and virtual worlds to produce new coexist environments.

Disruptive Technology: In entrepreneurial theory, is an innovation that creates a new market and network of values.

Immersive Technologies: it is a type of technology that attempts to emulate a physical world through specific digital tools.

Smart City: In urban planning, is a set of urban planning strategies aimed at the optimization and innovation of public services.

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