Incorporating Media in Promoting Lifelong Learning Among Street Vendors in Ghana

Incorporating Media in Promoting Lifelong Learning Among Street Vendors in Ghana

Isaac Kofi Biney (University of Ghana, Ghana)
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DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8134-5.ch010
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This chapter explores media promotion of lifelong learning among street vendors in Ghana. It looks at conceptual frameworks underpinning street vending and the relevance of media in empowering street vendors. It also examines challenges involved in street vending and strategies in integrating street vending into the formal sector of the economy of Ghana. The contributions of media in empowering street vendors and learning as a process of lifelong learning fashion are also discussed. Issues emerging from street vending and recommendations are discussed. The chapter concludes that the Government of Ghana should develop all-inclusive business policy to accelerate formalization of informal enterprises. Street vendors should also build strong front, and leadership, to foster effective collaboration and partnership with media houses to aid in deepening lifelong learning drive in Ghana.
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Street vendors are an integral part of urban economies around the world, offering easy access to a wide range of goods and services in public spaces…..street vendors sell everything from fresh vegetables to prepared foods, from building materials to garments and crafts, from consumer electronics to auto repairs (Roever, 2016 p.1). The conceptual framework underpinning the contributions of media in empowering street vendors, and in promoting lifelong learning among these vendors, the challenges facing street vendors and strategies in integrating informal street vending into the formal sector of the Ghanaian economy are all ideas explored in the Background of this chapter.

Key Terms in this Chapter

Conceptual Framework: An expose’ defining the boundary and characteristics of a phenomenon.

Unemployment: A state of being without a stable income earning activity.

Ghana: A country situated in the Sub-Saharan Africa, with a population size of 29.5 million. It is boarded in the north by Burkina Faso, east by Togo, west by Cote d’Ivoire, and south by The Gulf of Guinea.

Women Empowerment: A process of equipping women with self-confidence and self-determination usually through education and training such that they can begin to take decisions that impact them and their children positively.

Lifelong Learning: A form of learning which occurs throughout the entire lifespan of the individual. Lifelong learning has everything to do with learning from the formal, informal, and non-formal education sub-systems.

Street Vendor: A person who sells assorted products and services at major highways, pavements, and road junctions of a city.

Informal Enterprise: An economic activity such as street vending and sale of food which is neither registered, nor regulated.

Media: Both traditional and modern or electronic and mass media communication tools purposively fashioned to educate, inform, and entertain people.

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