Information Need and Seeking Behavior of Farmers in Laduba Community of Kwara State, Nigeria

Information Need and Seeking Behavior of Farmers in Laduba Community of Kwara State, Nigeria

Femi Titus Akande (Librarian, Nigeria) and Akinade Adebowale Adewojo (Nigerian Stored Products Research Institute, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9621-9.ch064
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The chapter present the report of a study that examined information needs and seeking haviour of farmers in Laduba community, Kwara State, Nigeria. This study adopted a survey research design using simple sampling technique to select 28 respondents from the population. Structured questionnaire was designed for the collection of data. It was discovered from the findings that majority of the farmers were illiterate of the middle aged group between 31-40. The farmers plant many crops, but it is noticeable that the farmers plant cassava mostly, the area which the farmers indicated they need information most is on agriculture, it was also observed that the farmers access information from colleagues (co-farmers), friends and relatives, agricultural extension workers. The information needs of the farmers in this study on agriculture includes how to prevent diseases for their crops on the farm and after harvesting, the farmers also stated that they need information on how to seek for loan, where to get the best market to sell their farm produce and how to get the best agro-chemical for effective use. In this study it was discovered that the challenges the farmers face in acquiring information includes, the inability to read and write in English language, lack of constant electricity supply, conflict among members of various associations and lack of access to agricultural extension workers. It is recommended that the farmers should be given effective adult education, provision of information centre with necessary personnel and information media to boost information accessibility. Also the government was encouraged to negotiate with mobile telecommunication operators to subsidize services so that the farmers who form majority in the rural areas can access information and communicate easily through their mobile phones.
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Literature Review

Effort had been made through different studies to determine information needs and information seeking behavior of different groups of people and professionals. Momoh, et al. (2015) conducted a study on information seeking behavior in central hospitals in Delta State, Nigeria. The study showed that nurses needed information to carry out their professional duties like health development and current approach to medical treatment. Friends, colleagues, libraries and internet were the identified sources where the nurses got their information.

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