The Information Society in Ukraine

The Information Society in Ukraine

Serge S. Azarov (Lucky Net Ltd., Ukraine)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-575-7.ch078
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In order to assess the prospects for the development of the information society in Ukraine, there is a need to consider the possible directions or approaches that such development might take. In The Diversity within Unity,Etzioni (2001) states: Two approaches are to be avoided: promoting assimilation and unbounded multiculturalism. Assimilation–which entails requiring minorities to abandon all of their distinct institutions, cultures, values, habits, and connections to other societies in order to fully mesh into the prevailing culture—is sociologically difficult to achieve and unnecessary for dealing with the issues at hand, as we shall see. It is morally unjustified because of our respect for some normative differences, such as to which gods we pray. Unbounded multiculturalism—which entails giving up the concept of shared values, loyalties, and identity in order to privilege ethnic and religious differences, presuming that nations can be replaced by a large number of diverse minorities—is also unnecessary. It is likely to evoke undemocratic backlashes, ranging from support for extremist, right-wing parties and populist leaders to anti-minority policies.

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