Information System Life Cycle

Information System Life Cycle

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The chapter discusses the IS life cycle phases of IS design/development, adoption, use, evaluation, and management. These standard topics in the IS field are framed in the IVO perspective. A model of IS life cycle is used for analyzing the case of a system for customer relations management in a telecommunications company. Historical variation and drifts in the IS management leading to the system's marginalization are explored. The chapter also demonstrates how IVO furnishes analytical devices for extending analysis of teaching and research cases on information systems.
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The main purpose of the IVO framework refers to study and management of IS. This chapter discusses the IS issues that are standard topics in study of IS (management information systems and similar areas). In the structure of this book, this discussion continues the summarizing started in the previous chapter. The second part of the chapter articulates the main messages of IVO and sketches directions for advancing it.

The concept of IS was introduced earlier. To reiterate two more important points. First, IS is a broader concept than IT, as the former incorporates the latter along with data and procedures. And second, an IS does not “provide information” but rather transformed and organized data that may become information in human cognition. For the following discussion, it is useful to look at IS from a perspective of a cyclical life process. The process starts with the system conception and ends by phasing out the system. The process steps (sub-process in their own right) are IS design/development, adoption, use, evaluation, and management. The IS issues are represented in the inner circle of the IVO framework as depicted in Figure 1 in Chapter 1 and below in Figure 1. Elements in Figure 1 are somewhat rearranged to suit the purpose of this discussion. Some of the IS issues have attracted more attention than others; for example, the issue of system adoption drew in more research than IS design/development, use, or evaluation. It will be argued that more balanced approach is needed, including a concentration on IS use and management.

The topic of issues will be richly demonstrated in a further elaboration of a previously introduced case that after successful initial adoption took on rather a dramatic turn. Next, the contributions of IVO will be summarized, guidelines for deploying it specified, limitations stated, and directions for further research outlined.

Figure 1.

Information system life cycle in the IVO perspective


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