Innovative Means and Technologies Ensuring Electrical Safety of Agricultural Production

Innovative Means and Technologies Ensuring Electrical Safety of Agricultural Production

Eugene Khalin, Elena Mikhaylova
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3867-7.ch005
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In this chapter the system of the innovative technologies, methods and devices providing electrical safety of modern agricultural production. These are systematized in the form of four groups, including information and communication intellectual technologies for support of adoption of unerring decisions and e-learning of personnel, innovative structural elements of electrical installations, new technical means of an electrical protection and the effective means of individual protection working in the electrical installations. The results of national standardization of requirements to the systems of e-learning production safety and also requirements of electrical safety to low-voltage electrical installations with renewable energy sources are reflected.
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Modern measures and means of ensuring of electrical safety of agricultural production can be divided into groups depending on nature of consumers of an electrical energy, a type of systems of power supply, type of electrical installations, costs, functionality, etc., and shall meet the main requirements – the requirement of efficiency in case of safety of people and normalization of working conditions and stay in the action area of electrical installations.

Electrical injuries and incidence working in electrical installations – the phenomena production and social and multiple-factor. The reasons of these phenomena are interconnected and also have multiple-factor nature. Working conditions in electrical installations, as well as an electrical injuries and incidence are characterized by a large number of the interconnected factors. The reasons of industrial electrical injuries it is also production the caused incidence working in electrical installations determine the directions of their prevention and prophylaxis. Allocate three groups of actions for ensuring electrical safety of production:

  • 1.

    Organizational and organizational and technical.

  • 2.

    Technical and on providing with individual protection equipment.

  • 3.

    On training and achievement of professional compliance of personnel.

Methods, devices and technologies of creation of electrical safe working conditions can be allocated in four groups of innovative actions for ensuring electrical safety of agricultural production. The first group of actions treats the organization of electrical safe production, the second is connected with a design of the electrified machines, the equipment, installations, the third determines the directions of development of technical means of an electrical protection of workers, the fourth treats area of the individual protection equipment working in electrical installations.

In the field of the organization of electrical safe agricultural production is information and communication the intellectual technologies providing operational adoption of faultless decisions, preparation and certification of personnel for electrical safety in the environment of expert systems with the distributed network knowledge bases. For achievement of necessary positive result all production structures shall be covered by these technologies.

In the field of obligatory structural elements of the electrical units and electrical installations applied in agricultural industry are the effective electro-and other insulating materials protecting devices of new generations including electro-and other isolation as a product of nanotechnologies, technological removable and not dischargeable barriers, covers and blocking.

In the field of technical means of an electrical protection are the effective stationary, portable and temporary grounding devices in electrical installations with low labor input of installation, installation, imposing and removal, multipurpose devices for automatic power off of electrical installations and the device of protective shutdown, economic devices of protective electric separation of chains, separations of the mutually dangerous electrified production cycles and processes.

In the field of the individual protection means (IPM) working in electrical installations are effective dielectric, antistatic, thermo impervious or with unilateral regulated heat exchange, bactericidal materials with the properties increased by application the nanotechnology of methods, convenient and steady in a sock and application, IPM preventing the electrical defeats in case of a touch to current carrying and conducting parts under any tension easy the shielding sets for protection against impact of electromagnetic and electrostatic fields in any range of frequencies and levels of intensity.



The present chapter contains the results of researches in the field of ensuring electrical safety of agricultural production which are a necessary contribution to stable development of modern agriculture. Electrical safety of the equipment, machines and aggregates, the technological processes including electrical installations, is an indispensable condition of a possibility for the use of the electrified cars and processes in agriculture. An important condition of ensuring electrical safety is not only operating state of necessary technical means of an electrical protection, but also high-quality timely training of the personnel serving and applying electrical installations.

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