Knowledge Management in High-Growth Companies: A Case Study in Serbia

Knowledge Management in High-Growth Companies: A Case Study in Serbia

Mladen Cudanov, Kathrin Kirchner
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61692-886-5.ch014
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This case study describes knowledge management practices in Mozzartbet, the major and fastest growing division of Stepanovic & Šipka Corporation. Mozzartbet started as sport betting business in 2001. Since then, Mozzartbet’s size has increased a few hundred times in just eight years and knowledge increase followed that pace. It can therefore be an example of knowledge management practices in high-growth companies. Technical, organizational and behavioral practices, successes and problems of knowledge management in Mozzartbet are covered, and future plans of top managers in that area are revealed. In this case study the authors describe a relaxed, academic-like organizational culture, organizational structure, strategy of development, industry and regional environment, and other internal and external factors important for knowledge management. Afterwards they present conclusions about knowledge management in Mozzartbet and future directions, according to contingency approach.
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Setting The Stage

Serbian economy has started a slow process of revival after political changes in the year 2000. The period of economical growth and stability after Second World War was ended at the beginning of eighties, with division of Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, in which Serbia was one of six constitutive states. Civil war that followed ravaged economy of the whole region and culminated in conflict with NATO in 1999. After that, regime was changed on 5th of October 2000, and economy hastened process of transitional reforms, that could be tracked in the following table. Also, major sources of income reoriented from agriculture to production and services, causing growth in knowledge-intensive industries.

Figure 1.

GDP per capita in Serbia since 2000


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