Management Factors for Strategic BI Success

Management Factors for Strategic BI Success

Somya Chaudhary (Bellsouth Telecommunications Inc., USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-206-0.ch010


This chapter focuses on the factors necessary for strategic Business Intelligence (BI) success from a managerial point of view. BI results from the various information and human knowledge source systems, as well as the holistic view of the business processes within an organization. However, for the BI process to be synergetic within an organization, the management of the organization should be responsible for providing an environment that is conducive to yielding optimum BI generation and utilization. The goal should be to maximize the resources and minimize the inefficiencies that are systematic within an organization. Open lines of communication, with shared goals and objectives, and organization-wide standards are crucial for overall success. The factors for BI success are all interrelated and non-sequential. However, each needs to be executed and communicated with complete diligence on part of the management for overall strategic success. Lastly, to accommodate a healthy and ethical BI environment, the corporate philosophy and work methodologies may warrant necessary modification.

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