Marketing and Social Media

Marketing and Social Media

Reshu Goyal, Praveen Dhyani, Om Prakash Rishi
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2234-8.ch010
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Time has changed and so does the world. Today everything has become as a matter of one click. With this effort we are trying to explore the new opportunities features and capabilities of the new compeers of Internet applicability known as Social Media or Web 2.0. The effort has been put in to use the internet, social media or web 2.0 as the tool for marketing issues or the strategic business decision making. The main aim is to seek social media, web 2.0 internet applications as the tool for marketing.
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Jolt And Jerk For The Companies And The Social Media

Customers at large are using the internet based social mode of communication at large which forces the majority of the concerns to charter with it as well. Initial mode of communications were e-mails, direct marketing, telemarketing, informational websites, television, radio, and other interactive modes to share knowledge related to the company and the articles (Berthon, Pitt, Plangger & Shapiro, 2012), (Budden, Anthony, Budden, & Jones, 2011).Though initial means of communication served as the data or the information reaching larger number of people in short time but didn’t promote the direct communication or interaction between the buyer and the seller. To track down the abiding collaborative and delightful friendship, substitute have to be sorted of? To effectuate it, word of mouth communication (facilitating the use of social networking sites) seemed to be of usage (Agarwal, 2009), (Ellison, Steinfield & Lampe, 2007), (Budden, Anthony, Budden, & Jones, 2011). Present technologies have become more customers oriented.

Actually, the initial boom or the first tide of the Internet application was not taken seriously by large, but rapid changing scenarios the situations have also changed and so does the application of the Internet. Even the companies with low capital and manpower strength go in for this form of media and communication sources maximum of the employees have sorted to have the blogs (Weinberg, Pehlivan, 2011, Barnard, 2012). Other side of the coin also says the same thing i.e. from the consumer front, also are readily accepting the mode of purchasing. Participation has increased with reduction in the price of the broadband and increase in concurrence by the consumers in the form of messaging, blogs, experience sharing etc. (Fisher, 2009) (See Figure 1 for the business plan in integration with the social media marketing).

Figure 1.

Depicts the plan to be followed by the business personal for marketing in integration with social media

Source: Budden, Anthony, Budden, & Jones (2011)

Explaining The Term Web 2.0/Social Media Marketing

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