Mass Media Strategies: Hybrid Approach Using a Bioinspired Algorithm and Social Data Mining

Mass Media Strategies: Hybrid Approach Using a Bioinspired Algorithm and Social Data Mining

Carlos Alberto Ochoa Ortiz Zezzatti, Darwin Young, Camelia Chira, Daniel Azpeitia, Alán Calvillo
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-2919-6.ch015
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Evolve computing is a generic name given to the resolution of computational problems with base in models of an evolutionary process. Most of the evolutionary algorithms propose biological paradigms, and concepts of natural selection, mutation, and reproduction. Nevertheless other paradigms exist and can be adopted in the creation of evolutionary algorithms. Many problems involve environments not structured which can be solved from the perspective of cultural paradigms, which offer plenty of category models, where one does which do not know the possible solutions at problem, a common situation in the real life. The intention of this research is analyze the Crowdfunding Model, supporting to a social networking to an Indie Pop Band. Sociological research shows that Crowdfunding tends to reveal a bias toward social similarity. Therefore, in order to model this Project supported with Crowdfunding developing an Agent-Based Model that already manages the social interaction, together with featuring information of MySpace Music evolutionary belief spaces. To introduce these theoretical concepts the authors decided use Cultural Algorithms in our approach, explaining the process in detail.
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Nul ne peut se sentir seulement dans cette vie, si, dans une autre dimension quelqu'un, te cherche te étrange, te espère, te aspire - Darek Thanderúck, Mass Media Expert in Thanagar


1. Introduction

The media are linked to the advancement of technology and economic development that can offer a range of products and services to the general public, at ever lower prices, which under the Mass Media can develop enhanced ways to market these goods or services. The impact on society of this form of communication has been very diverse, in part has reduced direct interpersonal communication and has also facilitated the creation of public opinion.

The Mass Media are used in advertising and political propaganda direct or indirect where the progress of marketing are based on the concept of communicating image, design, information and dissemination of any product or service that will be released to an audience. This communication process between the company and its market identifies the requirements, needs and preferences of the market and then the process is used to publicize the product or service with the objective of influencing their purchase or acceptance.

The process of Mass Media has the potential to reach a target audience, which is anonymous but has similar characteristics to the public studied by common processes. The importance of this process, which allows a massive response or immediate feedback on business and social characteristics that can influence the decision of purchasing goods and services, or influence in social situations with ideas, beliefs and opinions; examples:

  • Identify characteristics of products or market needs

  • Identification of policy initiatives that can be used in political propaganda

  • Promote or eliminate behaviors, habits, or points of view

The use of Mass media, easily allows studying the basic elements of any business process or communication:

  • Identify needs, losses or deficiencies in the study group.

  • Identify the wishes and aspirations of the study group to produce a feature that generates a value for this market segment.

  • Identify potential claims and strategies to increase and stimulate the growth of demand according to purchasing power and market interest.

  • Allows the development of commodity transactions in various markets, which could not be attacked in the traditional way.

  • Allows reaching a strict audience, that is difficult to achieve, identifying their needs and aspirations.

  • Development of production to meet potential demand in the market.

  • Orient the requirements of a product to the needs and desires that are valued by the market with a relatively short response time.

  • Align sales and publicity surrounding the immediate trend of people buying according to the features shown in the marketplace by competitors, defining the characteristics of buyers and niches where the product will be preferred.

The market analysis by Mass Media (Figure 1) generates an ability to identify elements that conventionally requires an endless number of resources to create successful strategies in various market segments. Also allows identifying accelerated trends of technology and constant innovation to existing products and introduction of new products, which can generate predictions about the obsolescence of products, planning of product lines, and minimal inventories.

Figure 1.

Characteristics of market research analyzed under mass media


One objective of using Mass Media, is seeking new markets and new uses for products that are distributed by a company. Market research should identify unmet needs in the market and determine the parameters:

  • Expected volumes of consumption,

  • Projected sales and profits.

  • Share market expected.

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