Meta Communication Concept and the Role of Mass Media in Knowledge Building Process for Distance Education

Meta Communication Concept and the Role of Mass Media in Knowledge Building Process for Distance Education

Ugur Demiray (Anadolu University, Turkey), Nurdan Oncel Taskiran (Kocaeli University, Turkey) and Recep Yilmaz (Beykent University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61350-071-2.ch015
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This chapter examines and focuses on some issues and questions relating to how the use of meta communication concept should be functional and how it could influence knowledge building process. In addition to this, the role of mass communication and the mass communication tools which can be regarded as vital for distance learning, primarily the Internet, television, printed materials, and the categories by which media tools interact are also investigated. The ways mass media interacts with imply the interaction taking place between communicational tools and human mind are quite similar; that’s why mental building process of knowledge is dealt with likewise. Mind-tool interaction can be categorized into four sections: interaction through reading, interaction through listening, interaction through seeing-listening, and mutual interaction.
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Nature Of Knowledge

The concept of knowledge has been comprehensively defined by some disciplines such as philosophy, sociology and psychology up to the present time. Philosophers agree in distinguishing between knowledge in the first of these senses, and belief. But they differ in their accounts of how they are to be distinguished:

  • are they to be distinguished in terms of their objects, knowledge being exclusively of things that are necessarily true, such as that 2+2=4?

  • are knowledge and belief mental processes (operation, acts), the difference between them being one that can only be known by introspection?

  • does knowing some proposition, p, imply believing it and, if so, is the difference between knowledge and belief a matter of weather one’s belief is caused in a certain way?

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