Mobile Health: Precision Post-Operative Wellness Monitoring Solutions

Mobile Health: Precision Post-Operative Wellness Monitoring Solutions

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Today most people have at least one smart phone irrespective of socio-economic standing. Such a penetration of mobile phones has enabled mobile health to rapidly develop over the last 5 years. There are many benefits to patients and clinicians afforded by mobile health including the convenience of any time anywhere access to data and information and the possibility to monitor so that critical issues can be caught early. One key area is in the post discharge phase as patients return home to ensure they are making good progress. This chapter discusses developments of mobile health solutions and precision post-operative wellness monitoring solutions.
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Mobile Health

With the current globalization, smartphones have become an integral part of people’s lives with their use being applied in many industries. The healthcare system is certainly not left behind in adopting mobile technology in their treatment approaches (Stephanie et al., 2017). Mobile health is enough proof of mobile technology’s importance in the healthcare system (Robbins et al., 2017) MHealth applications have dominated the health care landscape due to their capability to simplify access to care and deliver greater care experience from both the health professionals’ and the patient’s perspectives (ibid). The mobile health applications have not only developed into a vibrant ecosystem or a market that is not only dynamic but also provides massive potential (ibid). With the adoption of smartphones in the medical care sector proliferating, the business opportunity for MHealth is great (ibid).

The fast-growing digital sector, as well as the slow, paced healthcare sector continues to collide thus bringing disruptive alterations to the market (ibid). However, the MHealth applications market has been increasing steadily over the last few years with the emergence of the novel technologies, novel business models as well as novel workflows that are revolutionizing the healthcare industry (Stephanie et al, 2017). Shareholders within the healthcare sector are giving life to these revolutionary MHealth solutions. The innovation of the mobile technologies is accelerating fast and maintains a great promise with evidence of these tools playing a positive role in costs of care as well as patient outcomes (ibid).

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