Monitoring Services in a Federated Cloud: The RESERVOIR Experience

Monitoring Services in a Federated Cloud: The RESERVOIR Experience

Stuart Clayman (University College London, UK), Giovanni Toffetti (University College London, UK), Alex Galis (University College London, UK) and Clovis Chapman (University College London, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-1631-8.ch013


This chapter presents the need, the requirements, and the design for a monitoring system that is suitable for supporting the operations and management of a Federated Cloud environment. The chapter discusses these issues within the context of the RESERVOIR Service Cloud computing project. It first presents the RESERVOIR architecture itself, then introduces the issues of service monitoring in a federated environment, together with the specific solutions that have been devised for RESERVOIR. It ends with a review of the authors’ experience in this area by showing a use-case application executing on RESERVOIR, which is responsible for the computational prediction of organic crystal structures.
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Reservoir Architecture

The essence of the RESERVOIR Service Cloud is to effectively manage a service specified as a collection of virtual execution environments (VEEs). A VEE is an abstraction representing both virtual machines running on a generic hypervisor infrastructure, as well as any application component that can be run (and/or migrated) on a leased infrastructure (e.g., Web applications on Google’s App Engine, a Java based OSGi bundle). A Service Cloud, such as RESERVOIR, operates by acting as a platform for running virtualized applications in VEEs, which have been deployed on behalf of a service provider.

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