The National Research University: Toward Becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) at a Responsibility Centered Management University

The National Research University: Toward Becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) at a Responsibility Centered Management University

Fernando Valle (Texas Tech University, USA), Stacy A. Jacob (Texas Tech University, USA) and Zhaomin He (Texas Tech University, USA)
Copyright: © 2012 |Pages: 10
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60960-857-6.ch015


Higher education administrators constantly face tough decisions when assessing the feasibility of university programs. In fiscally responsive environments, programming traditions, university culture, and institutional practices along with the strategic missions of the university are constantly and carefully cross examined. National Research University represents any major university, and the players contained in this case study are modeled after real administrators and students. You are challenged to bring these participants to life by expanding upon the presented material. Please bring an assessment mindset to the problems as you align your informed decision making to the University mission. By utilizing questions included in the case study and examining the lessons learned, you are challenged to project the possibilities of synergistic endeavors that will support students while satisfying fiscal, programmatic, and personnel issues.
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The University

National Research University was founded in 1824, is technologically progressive, tradition rich, heavily supported, and a nationally recognized research university. Additionally, National Research University has a history of long serving college presidents and is a public university located in an urban setting in the Southwest region of the country. The university’s endowment is over 610 million dollars. In-state tuition is about $10,000 a year and out-of-state tuition is about $30,000 a year. National Research University became a Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) budgeting campus eight years ago and the responsibility centers lie within each of National Research University’s 11 colleges. With one core and seven regional campuses, National Research University is the largest state funded university within its state. Currently the enrollment at National Research University is 45,000 students, of which 35,000 are undergraduate students and 10,000 are graduate students. The acceptance rate for undergraduates is about 72% and the undergraduate enrollment is 41% men and 59% women. The racial breakdown of the student body is as follows: 4% African American, 2% American Indian or Alaskan Native, 7% Asian or Pacific Islander, 18% Latino/Hispanic, 65% Caucasian, and 4% Other. National Research University is committed to the principles of enrollment management and therefore strives to offer a seamless learning environment from admission to graduation.

National Research University’s Mission

National Research University is committed to the creation and dissemination of new knowledge. National Research University recognizes and affirms the importance of cutting edge research and scholarship as a means to new knowledge production, inspiring graduates and undergraduates in the lifelong learning process, and meeting the educational needs of the state, the nation, and the world. The university also affirms a commitment to academic freedom, cultural diversity, and building community through scholarship.

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