New Frontiers for The New Australian Institute of Music

New Frontiers for The New Australian Institute of Music

Greg Whateley (The Australian Institute of Management Sciences, Australia), Ian Bofinger (Central Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Australia) and Peter Calvo (The Australian Institute of Music, Australia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-575-7.ch093
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Universities, both public and private, in Australia (firmly encouraged by higher education authorities) are currently concerned with the mind-set, mechanisms, and practices that are necessary for universities to reinvent and reengineer themselves in order to become successful, surplus-making organizations. The Australian Institute of Music is no exception. Given the context of current economic pressures, this surplus-making exercise is fundamental to future growth, quality provision, and student/staff morale. Important matters such as changing mind-set from a “scarcity” to “abundance” mentality; encouraging new venture units (“skunk works”) within elements; changing management style at all levels to facilitate entrepreneurial activities; effectively using outsourcing for teaching and administrative purposes; developing strategic alliances and networks; and developing the notion of thinking globally even though working locally; and requiring exploration.

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