Peer-to-Peer Corporate Resource Sharing and Distribution with Mesh

Peer-to-Peer Corporate Resource Sharing and Distribution with Mesh

Ramesh Subramanian (Quinnipiac University, USA) and Brian Goodman (IBM- Advanced Internet Technology, USA)
Copyright: © 2004 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-285-5.ch004


Peer-to-peer (or “P2P”) computing has aggressively moved to the center-stage of the computing field in recent years. “P2P computing” emphasizes the shift away from centralized and client/server models of computing to a fully decentralized, distributed model of computing and content distribution. In the P2P mode of thinking, a “peer” system can be almost any computing device connected to a network – whether it is a computer, a printer, a facsimile machine, a video camera or an e-mail server. This idea has great ramifications in the way people work, learn, collaborate and share resources in organizations. In this chapter we present the design and architecture of Mesh, which is a centrally enhanced peer-to-peer resource sharing grid. Mesh is a prototype hybrid resource sharing system. It encompasses and advances the currently available solutions in the areas of “pure” P2P computing. The chapter describes a complete implementation of Mesh with directions for future work.

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