Pharma in the Web: Evaluation and Benchmarking of Pharmaceutical Companies’ Websites in Greece

Pharma in the Web: Evaluation and Benchmarking of Pharmaceutical Companies’ Websites in Greece

Athanassios Vozikis (University of Piraeus, Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-5129-6.ch006


In the context of intensified business competition and globalization of markets, the strategic use of the Internet in e-commerce can provide a business advantage. The research scope was the evaluation and benchmarking of pharmaceutical companies’ Websites in Greece, in order to draw conclusions about the level of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) use and specifically the ways they become active in e-business. For the evaluation of the Websites, the authors used scientifically acceptable criteria suited to the business sector of our research. From the survey, it was unveiled that pharmaceutical companies operating in Greece have a rather limited Web presence. Specifically, out of the 112 pharmaceutical companies, only 60 have developed their own Website with the multinationals to be more active. In addition, the majority of the pharmaceutical companies’ Websites provide business information but limited additional information and interactive features to potential users. In conclusion, the pharmaceutical industry in Greece must undergo critical steps to further obtain an anthropocentric approach that the global pharmaceuticals sector has already begun to adopt.
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The necessity of using the Internet nowadays is obvious even for people who have no direct or indirect relationship with computing. The wealth of information provided, the immediacy update, the offered services and tools, make up the concept that we call total internet impress. Many even talk about technological exclusion and illiteracy for those cannot adapt and incorporate this new reality in the way of life and work (Dimitriadis, Baltas, 2005).

In this ever-changing and competitive environment trying to adapt all companies large and small if they want to survive, let alone grow. Inevitably, the Internet has changed a lot in recent years and the landscape of the global pharmaceuticals sector. More and more pharmaceutical companies are making use of the possibilities offered by these new technologies and have an active and strong Internet presence, designed to meet their business goals, but also public information.

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