Policing Research Studies

Policing Research Studies

Petter Gottschalk (Norwegian School of Management, Norway)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-307-4.ch011


Holgersson (2005) identified and described, in his doctoral dissertation, different types of knowledge that are part of police officers’ practice. This case description is based on his work. Even though an intervention usually forces a police officer to apply several different skills, Holgersson (2005) has chosen to discuss different forms of professional knowledge separately, in order to make things easier to comprehend for the reader. In general, a large part of police officers’ professional knowledge, as well as professional knowledge in many other contexts, is complex and difficult to describe and explain in words. The police profession is distinguished by the broad range of skills that are required, and by the time pressure under which actions often must be taken.

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