Privacy in Multidimensional Databases

Privacy in Multidimensional Databases

Francesco M. Malvestuto (University of Roma - La Sapienza, Italy) and Marina Moscarini (University of Roma - La Sapienza, Italy)
Copyright: © 2003 |Pages: 51
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59140-053-0.ch011


When answering queries that ask for summary statistics, the query-system of a multidimensional database should guard confidential data, that is, it should avoid revealing (directly or indirectly) individual data, which could be exactly calculated or accurately estimated from the values of answered queries. In order to prevent the disclosure of confidential data, the query-system should be provided with an auditing procedure which, each time a new query is processed, checks that its answer does not allow a (knowledgeable) user to disclose any sensitive data. A promising approach consists in keeping track of (or auditing) answered queries by means a dynamic graphical data structure, here called the answer map, whose size increases with the number of answered queries and with the number of dimensions of the database, so that the problem of the existence of an efficient auditing procedure naturally arises. This chapter reviews recent results on this problem for “additive” queries (such as COUNT and SUM queries) by listing some polynomially solvable problems as well as some hard problems, and suggests directions for future work.

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